Empathic Nature

Empathic Nature
Naturaleza Empática

The Empathic Nature series is based on a reprint of the Andreas Vesalius anatomy studies “De human corporis fabrica,” from 1543. The reprint addresses Vesalius’s process and materials, and reconfigures a relationship with the body through empathic connections.

Graphite etching is an experimental printing process I developed, in which the graphite is etched into the paper. The idea behind this process is based on the conduction of electrical impulses through these graphite prints. Consequently, in this technique, the graphite is etched in equal channels on the paper, creating proper circuits (or circuits that transmit electrical impulses) of equal thickness. The final result resembles a delicate drawing of graphite over paper, except that each line is equal in width and depth. In other words, the medium becomes the content in a statement of equality and interconnectivity.


The exhibit is composed by two print series and two multimedia installations.

1) Empathie Ballare – This installation with inflatable sculptures, synchronize the heart pulsations of the audience. The installation counts with “Empatheia Ballare B” a printed artist book.

2) The Empathic Nature Series – A Graphite Etching series on paper 21 x 29 inch / each wit a re-production of the 1543 “De human corporis fabrica”, and focused on the pulsations and biomechanics movements as interconnections.

3) Retina Print – Multimedia installation of temporary retina prints.

4) Breathing Exercise Series – Graphite monotypes which embed numeric patterns of breathing and body movements as trace of time.


Empatheia Ballare
Sound: Christopher Jette
Production Assistant: Mateo Pradilla

Photos by: Galería Sextante | Julio Andres Robayo, 2011

Exhibition Photos by: Karim Estefan