LUNGEN prelude III

“Each breath is just a trace of time”
Part of the overture of “LUNGEN”, prelude No.1, No.2 and No.3.
No.3 LUNGEN, is a piece in which the breathing is the main axis of the whole, giving the structure for the composition in the video and in sound. This video shot entirely with a passive infra red light, emphasizes the reflective material divided in two layers; a grid and a fragmented body, capturing each breath, and superposing it with the sound composition. Based on a series of “Breathing Drawings” (Alejandro Casazi) the sound itself is a sequence of recordings done by Christopher Jette, in which capturing the sounds of graphite over paper, breathing and the movement of the body over wood (Bianca Brigidi). These recordings would be the raw material in which the whole sound composition is created integrating with the video in a numerical sequence in which every breath is taken as a compass.

Based on the series of “Breathing Drawings” and the artist book “flock” by Alejandro Casazi. Lungen is a multilayered performance piece, created by Bianca Brigidi and Alejandro Casazi, awarded with the “Visual, Performing and Media Arts Award”, provided by The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC), University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The interconnection of dance (performed by Ekaterina Zharinova), sound (Christopher Jette, and singers) and drawing (Casazi) is based on an empathic repetitive movement, sound and time: the breathing.

An abstract interaction of strong visual, corporal and sonic gestures, conducted all by the rythm of the lungs.