F.A.T/LAB collective

F.A.T/LAB art collective, is a choreographed, performative, culinary experience. F.A.T/LAB ventures to achieve an immersive experience through a multi-channel assimilation.
The performance, focuses on the experience of the spectator and the complex presentation of over stimulating pieces. F.A.T/LAB consists of choreographing different disciplines on a basic, ordinary, activity; eating. Three main characters compose it: the Visuals, the Sounds and the Tastes. It could be addressed as a maximalist dinner, in which an overstimulation of different senses collide on every dish, every taste, every element. F.A.T/LAB alters the spatial qualities of the location, where the performance takes place. Visual and sonic alterations are synchronized with the food, smell and tastes, which are previously designed by the F.A.T/LAB collective.



Joel Chapman | Chef
Christopher Jette | Composer
Alejandro Casazi | Visual Artist